How to Putt

How to Putt

Remember when you were young and you used to play putt-putt? Now that you have started your golf career it’s time for the real deal and for you to putt away. Putting is the most important part of the golf play because this is where you have the only chance you can lower your score. Common putting errors result to missing the hole. The subtlety of putting makes it really hard for most players to give up the control gain from swinging. This is definitely not a dull part of golf. Instead, think of it as the most crucial.


Here are the ways on how you can putt consistently and effortlessly:


  1.    Learn to read the green

Before stroking the ball to the hole, you must know how to read the green. Good green reading is an art of awareness and skill of assessment to help you analyze the distance of the ball to the hole, where the break is, the condition of the putting green, and how much force to apply in the golf club.

  •    Consistent speed or distance makes reading the putts more reliable. Controlling the distance is done by getting the feel on the green.
  •    Break or borrow is the degree of surface slope, green speed, and the rolling ball speed.
  •    If the slope is uphill, use more force when hitting the ball to oppose the pull of gravity and let the ball drop to the cup. If the slope is downhill, use less.
  •    Freshly mown grass in the green makes it smooth with less friction and faster for the ball to roll. If it is wet the ball rolls slowly.


  1.    The ball should be one inch forward in the middle of your stance.


  1.    Aim the club face at the target and maintain your head directly over the ball. Keep the eyes over the ball towards the target line.


  1.    Keep the shoulders, hips, knees and feet parallel to the target line.


  1.    Just like the pendulum in the clock, swing the club smoothly without moving any part of the body except the shoulders. Keep the wrists, elbows, hips, and the slightly flexed knees still. The speed and the distance of the back-swing and follow-through should be equal.


  1.    Practice to putt in various distance to hone your skills.

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